Under-performance and Misbehaviour – Signs of a Vision Problem in Students



Teachers, if you have a rogue student in your classroom that misbehaves, can’t focus for any length of time and is generally under-performing, the problem may be corrected with a thorough eye exam.

If a student cannot see the teacher, the board, or their work well, it’s perfectly understandable that they’d lose focus, get bored and start misbehaving, isn’t it?  And the solution to a vision problem is so easily resolved.

Did you know that vision is responsible for 80% of all learning in a child’s first twelve years?^

Poor vision can interfere with a student’s learning and social development, yet 1 in 5 children suffers from an undetected vision problem. A child’s eyes are central to their school life. Whether they are playing sport, reading, writing or using a digital device, their eyes are working hard.

We recently saw an 8-year-old boy who loves to read, but was having trouble reading for any more than 5 minutes at a time.  He complained of sore eyes and headaches.  He didn’t want to focus on his work, which had never been a problem in the past.

He was prescribed very mild reading glasses, with blue control (to protect his eyes from UV coming off the iPad and computer screens).  He looks sensational in his new glasses and is back to reading several chapters of his books before bed each night.  He’s excited for school and able to focus for long periods of time without fatiguing his eyes.

This boy’s experience demonstrates why it’s important for children to have an eye examination in their primary school years and every couple of years thereafter, to monitor their vision and eye health.  For your students, that may include a blue control lens to block out the harmful effects of regular screen use.  Ask your optometrist about it!

Total Eyecare bulk bills all children and full-time students for a comprehensive eye examination.  If vision correction is necessary, we can process health fund claims on the spot and have a variety of colours, shapes and sizes for children and adults of all ages.

So, help your student be their best and recommend their parents/guardians book them in for a comprehensive eye examination. It may be the most important thing you do for them this year.

^Vision Council of America, Making the Grade, 2009.