Total Eyecare supporting the Clown Doctors

As one of Total Eyecare’s community involvements, we have been supporting the Clown Doctors in Hobart for many years. We specifically are assisting them in maintaining their Clown Doctor Car, a specially prepared charity vehicle that began as a 1962 Hillman Minx.

Total Eyecare staff and friends held a fundraiser at the AFL match between North Melbourne and St Kilda at Blundstone arena in Hobart on Saturday 12th July.

We had a busy time interacting with the footy-goers, lots of children came to say hello, some have had

experiences with the clown doctors in hospital. It was good to see Ron Barassi showing interest and supporting us on the day.

The Clown Doctor car was on display, its a real beauty, still going strong after over 50 years on the road. We are really thankful to RACT for sponsoring the car and providing us with registration and Insurance, it all makes a difference.

We raised just over $500 and had a fantastic time.