SAVE on the Premier Indoor Lens


Experience AMAZING indoor vision with the Premier Indoor Lens.


If you currently wear an indoor or desk lens then you’ll appreciate the benefits for when you’re sitting at the computer or doing any work at arms-length.

If you’re not currently wearing an indoor lens, why not? Consider a lens that can give you clear vision for reading and a wider field of vision for computer work, cooking, cleaning, shopping or any kind of indoor work that has you focusing in the middle arms-length distance.

Total Eyecare is proud to offer you what we believe to be the very best indoor lens currently available in Australia.  The Hoya iD Workstyle lens will help you to maximise your efficiency while you work by reducing neck pain, headaches and eye strain that comes from wearing a traditional multifocal or reading lens.  See the difference here.

To further encourage you towards this fantastic lens, Total Eyecare is offering you 20% off* the iD Workstyle lens during May and June 2015.

Contact Total Eyecare today to discuss your options for the very best indoor lens with your Optometrist and experience the difference of an iD Workstyle lens.