More than a Sight Test for You and Your Children


What’s the Difference Between a Comprehensive Eye Exam and a Sight Test?

A comprehensive eye exam is not the same as a sight test and the difference is important to your long-term vision.

With a variety of optical retailers now practicing in greater Hobart, it’s important for consumers to understand that, as with many goods and services, you’ll have to choose the right provider for you based on quality and affordability.

But when it comes to optometry, we’re talking about health care – not retail products.

Your vision is so important to preserve now and into the future.  Good vision is not just about your glasses prescription.  Good vision is about the overall health of your eye from front to back, with regular monitoring to make sure it stays that way.

A comprehensive eye exam takes about 30 minutes and is what you’ll get at Total Eyecare – it’s our ‘basic package’.  Our eye exams include checks for:

– Vision correction
– Signs of hypertension or diabetes
– Signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts
– Vision sharpness
– Peripheral vision
– Both eyes working together
– Pressure in the fluid inside the eye

A comprehensive eye exam includes measuring and monitoring of changes in your eyes that can lead to vision loss, eye health degeneration or discomfort such as:

– Eye diseases
– Presence of foreign bodies
– Dry eyes, allergies and infection

A comprehensive eye exam is an important part of caring for your overall health whether you need vision correction or not. By looking into your eyes, your Total Eyecare optometrist can check for signs of serious health conditions AND they can update your optical prescription.

Not all optometry providers routinely provide a comprehensive eye exam with a preventative eyecare approach.  Some will offer you a simple sight test or vision test.  A sight test will detect changes in your vision and optical prescription for the purpose of updating your glasses.

If your long-term eye health and vision is important to you, talk to your optometrist and ask for a comprehensive eye exam.  If you have concerns that you’re not receiving the worldclass eyecare that you and your family deserve, make sure you have regular, comprehensive eye examinations.

Eye health does change over your lifetime.  Make sure you have confidence in your optometrist to detect those changes early and save your vision.

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