Health Funds and Billing

Consultation Billing & Medicare

Your vision is so precious, and monitoring your eye health should be a priority. At Total Eyecare we recommend everyone should have regular visits to their Optometrists. For most people, you should be having a check-up at least every 1½ to 2 years, regardless of whether or not you’ve noticed any changes to your vision.

From 1 January 2015, the amount of your eye exam that Medicare covered was reduced, and to provide or level of care, not all patients will be eligible for bulk-billing.  A small gap fee will apply to consultation fees. Our new fee schedule is below:


Total Eyecare will continue to bulk bill all health care and concession card holders, children and full-time students. If you’re not eligible for bulk billing, a fee of $79.80 is payable on the day of your consultation, and we will assist you to recover as much as possible back from Medicare. Additional fees apply for digital imaging and other supplementary tests.

* Optometry Australia  (OA) is the national professional association for optometrists. Our fees are significantly below the OA recommended fees for our services.

+  Our Fee is the amount Total Eyecare charges for our services in order to keep our world-class standards affordable for all Tasmanians.  This fee is payable at the time of your consultation.

^  Your Gap Payment is the out-of-pocket expense after your rebate from Medicare.  Your optometrist will discuss with you if additional fees apply for testing or procedures not covered by Medicare.


Health Fund Claiming

For health fund members who purchase glasses, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses from Total Eyecare, we can claim your health fund rebate on the spot.

The amount of your rebate will vary depending on:

  • The price of your glasses / contact lenses
  • The level of cover you have with your health fund

These rebates vary among health funds and often change without notice.  Some health funds provide significantly higher rebates than others, so it is worth comparing funds.  Our staff can provide you with a quote on your rebate before finalise your purchase, on request.

We welcome ALL health funds,  and we have partnerships with the following funds:

  • VSP Health Fund Group
  • Medibank Private

We are aware that some health funds also provide retail optical services.  We can still claim your health fund rebate through these funds as we always have done.

Some health funds may also provide a rebate on additional testing such as OCT tests.  For a rebate on these tests you will need to present your receipt to your health fund for claiming.