Freedom of Choice with Contact Lenses

Freedom of Choice with Contact Lenses

Many people will remember with some emotion the first time they were told, “You’ll need to wear glasses”.

Whatever your feelings about it, certainly the need for spectacles can be restricting.  Driving, swimming, photography, sewing, skiing, sailing are all activities which can be impacted by your need for glasses.

Some people have even been lured into the false belief that some prescriptions mean that they HAVE to wear glasses and can ONLY wear glasses.  That’s true for some, but not most.

The wonderful world of contact lenses these days offers much choice, variety and freedom than ever before.

Distance prescriptions, near prescriptions even astigmatism and multifocal prescriptions can be accommodated by contact lenses now.  And you don’t have to clean them every day.  We have options of single-use daily lenses, or weekly or monthly lenses that will fit into your lifestyle and willingness to clean!

Primary school-aged children can wear contact lenses.  Older people can wear them.  Wear them for the gym.  Wear them at work.  Wear them under your goggles.  Pop your favourite designer sunglasses over them without the worry or expense of that tinted prescription lens.

Contact offer you a world of choice and freedom.  So don’t discount the contact lens.  It will surprise you how comfortable and affordable they really are.

Visit your nearest Total Eyecare Optometrist and ask about our Beginner Bundle contact lens package for just $199*.  You could be in contacts as early as this afternoon!

*Terms and conditions apply.  See instore for details.