Every pair of glasses or contact lenses serves a unique purpose for a unique individual.  At Total Eyecare we customise your eyewear to your individual needs.

Today there are more choices than ever for functional, fashionable eyewear.

There are a few primary considerations when choosing the most suitable eyewear:

  1. Purpose: driving, reading, desk work, computer screens, outdoors
  2. Lens design: single vision, multifocals, bifocals, lens material, or contact lenses
  3. Frame: fit for your face shape, your lens design and personal preference
  4. Additional lens features: coatings to protect your lenses from scratching and UV from the sun and digital devices, colour-change or sunglass tint, polarisation to protect from glare

If you’ve never tried contact lenses, we supply a large selection of the latest technology lenses.  Read more about our contact lenses here.

The options are almost endless.  A good optometrist and optometric assistant team will discuss your options with you and make recommendations for your personal circumstances, preferences and budget.

Come and see any Total Eyecare optometrist or staff and we’ll be delighted to help you make the best selection.