Did you know your health fund benefits expire?

Each year health fund members pay your premiums to help keep you and your family in optimum health.  But if you don’t ever call on that insurance, it expires.

Most health funds in Australia provide benefits based on a calendar year, January to December.  At the end of December, your health benefits may expire for good!  They’re not rolled over into the following year, so you can’t save them up.

If you don’t use them before 31 December, they are lost forever!

You’ve already been paying your health fund premium, so you may as well get the benefit out of it.  None of us want to pay for something that we don’t use.

If your private health fund expires on 31 December, you’d better get in quickly to make the most of your annual optical benefit.  If you’re thinking you don’t need new glasses, think again.

Do you have a spare pair if yours are broken or lost?

Would you benefit from a reading pair?

A pair in the car?

A pair just for work?

What about sun protection?  Prescription sunglasses may be covered by your health fund.

And if you haven’t considered it, contact lenses may be an option for you. 

At Total Eyecare we have a range of frames, sunglasses and contact lenses for all ages, tastes and prescriptions.  For health fund members, we even have a no-out-of-pocket range.

So don’t delay – book your appointment early to avoid the Christmas rush and capitalise on the benefits you’ve already paid for.

Are you a member of a VSP Health Fund?

Total Eyecare is a preferred provider for all VSP health funds, including Medibank Private.  Contact us to enquire about the extra benefits you can receive from visiting Total Eyecare.