About Lenses

About Lenses

Optical lenses are extremely technical and precisely fitted to the unique needs of the patient.  All of or lenses are individually specified and custom-made to fit your prescription and the frame you’ve chosen.

We only provide the best quality lenses for our patients.  We see no point in providing world-class eyecare and sub-quality lenses.  You’ll be disappointed with the result.

We use lenses from a variety of suppliers because no one supplier can provide every lens design to suit every requirement.

Generally our lenses are:

Single vision

  • Near (reading)
  • Distance

Multifocal / Progressive lenses

  • All purpose (combines your distance and near prescription)
  • Desk (for computer work and reading)


  • Distance prescription with a reading segment


  • Distance with a reading segment plus an intermediate vision segment


  • Impact-resistant material


  • Any of the above lenses with a coloured tint or polarising filter in any optical sunglass or optical frame

Each of these lenses may have further options  depending on the purpose and needs of the person.  We always provide a 100% UV coating on all lenses at no extra cost.  Additional features can be added:

  • Tint for sun protection
  • Multicoat for greater clarity, scratch resistance and to reduce reflection and glare
  • Diamond coat provides almost-glass scratch resistance
  • Digital screen protection to improve vision and reduce fatigue associated with screen use
  • Thinner, lighter lenses use a superior lens material to reduce the thickness and weight of the lens
  • Colour change technology will darken your lenses in sunlight and return to clear indoors
  • Full or graduated tint and mirror tints to make any frame a pair of sunglasses


If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your new Total Eyecare lenses, we provide a generous warranty.  Here’s the key warranty features:

  • 12-24 month manufacturer’s warranty on frames
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on faulty lenses
  • 3-month adaptation warranty on new lenses
  • Free frame servicing for the life of your frame
  • 50% off replacement glasses if lost or damaged within 12 months of purchase.

Ask instore for our full warranty terms and conditions.